Our History from the year 1948 to 2020

Kantilal B. Karelia had a perfect arrival in Bombay unlike many other hero',s, who left a small town in Gujarat with a rupee in his pocket to become successful in life. Checking in railway stations and spending sleepless nights was one of the experiences he had in his early days. But all this never affected his curiosity to know things to build things. His hobbies were collecting vintage coins, fancy cars and books. His knowledge and power was books which allowed him to do wonders in life.

I can still feel his curiosity and passion towards life and I think he has gifted us that as an inheritance. First thing he made was a lighter and then a mechanical mixer for household use and nothing stopped him from there. Very soon from product development to machine manufacturing, He was a complete package for companies like IBM, Bharat Bijlee, Otis, Metro exporters and New standard engineering company Ltd (NESCO). Later after establishing an empire, the parent company known as Prakash Metal Works, was distributed in 4 different companies for his next generations. One of them is CN Engineering Works, previously owned by Nandlal K.Karelia (Son) and currently taken over by his sons Punit Karelia and Manan Karelia (Grandsons)

Our Mission

We want the world to become a safer place when it comes to elevator doors. Negligence in safety and poor quality of doors have led to many accidents in India and abroad over the years. We want to educate, make people aware when it comes to safety and choose the right door for their Elevators.

Our Solution

By the year 2030, we want to Eradicate manual doors and replace them with our automatic doors by making minimal changes in their current setup of elevators. This will be cost effective, more safer, convenient and will require less maintenance.

Our Culture

We are an army with few warriors and have the courage to conquer the world with the right leadership. As a team we are continuously evolving and growing together as a company. Customer service and product satisfaction is our major concern.

We are proud and confident with our elevator doors and we will keep updating it for a better and safer future.

Thank you